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Are you desperate to regain your health and your self-esteem? Are you totally fed up with your size and your weight? Are you sick and tired of trying diet after diet and having no positive and long-lasting results?  Are you embarrassed, uncomfortable, and ashamed of your body? Are you totally ready for a change? Then this is the program for you. Using hypnosis, in a supportive and easy to follow the program, you will begin to lead a new lifestyle

Often the addiction/obsession with food is more difficult to overcome than other addictions because food is a part of our everyday life and can never be given up completely.

  • Bordem
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Negative thinking
  • Fear looking attractive
  • Loneliness
  • Emptiness
  • To have control over themselves
  • As a distraction

Does this sound like you?

Diets don’t work. Let me repeat Diets do not work  Lots of research that shows when people come of the diet they put lost weight back on and then a little more

Why is it so hard?

We all know how to lose weight in theory, which only makes it more frustrating! Dieting is not sustainable, it’s a cycle of eating, obsession, deprivation, and guilt. Have you often craved what you can’t have and found that you can’t stop thinking about it? Have you stood on the scales after trying so hard during the week, only to find that there’s been no loss, or worse, your weight has gone up and you feel like a failure?

Weight Loss: A Radical New Approach
Clients often come to hypnotherapy for weight loss expecting their willpower to be magically strengthened (and perhaps their appetite to be modified or regulated), as if their weight gain in the past has been due to their lack of will.

The 4 Key Areas for Weight Loss

  1. Mindful eating (being fully present when you sit down to eat).
  2. Re-programming the subconscious so that your body’s important signals can be “heard” (loud and clear).
  3. Motivating you to work co-operatively with your body’s intelligence instead of treating the body as the enemy whose impulses to eat must be resisted and overcome.

The 4th key to weight loss is self-acceptance: it is difficult to regard the body as a co-operative ally if you loathe and reject it. For this reason, building self-esteem and really learning how to like yourself (no matter what number the scales display) is a very important part of the weight-loss process.

Hypnosis can help build your self-esteem by re-directing your attention to your strengths (as opposed to your weaknesses), by turning down the volume on unhelpful, self-sabotaging internal conversations (“self-talk”), and by resolving buried emotional issues.

In working on all four of these key areas you learn how to eat only what your body requires (which may include the occasional treat); you feel motivated to exercise and make healthy food choices, and you learn to like yourself. You become your own best friend, and your body is honored and valued as an ally, not an enemy.

In this way, you stand to gain not only slimness and health, but you can also bring into your life a whole new self with whom you can develop a loving, nurturing relationship.