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When you are depressed, you can feel helpless, and it often feels like there is no chance of any improvement in your life Depression affects every part of you, it limits you and keeps you thinking inward, 

Nobody ever wants to feel depressed. No body wants to have negative thoughts all day every day 

A feeling of being alone and believing that no one really understands what you’re going through can be the hardest part about living with depression. The offered solution to this is to medicate by many practitioners. Anti-depressants and Anti-anxiety medication is some of the most prescribed medications in the western world.

When medication doesn’t work it can leave the sufferer feeling even more hopeless,  and even more helpless, than before. 

You can choose to go beyond the conscious thoughts and uncover the beliefs that are driving them.  hypnotherapy really can help, i By  Gaining an insight as to why you are really depressed, you can rid unhelpful thoughts and feelings that are keep suffering from depression.

There are a  range of hypnotherapy approaches, when  used in conjunction with counselling help us to change the way we think so that our emotions can be understood and improved

Depression happens at a subconscious level

Hypnosis works at the same unconscious level at which depression occurs and can be used to retrain your mind to find positivity and hope. Hypnosis can help address the underlying cause as well as help you find much more effective coping behaviors.

it is a treatment that will bring rapid improvement and doesn’t involve the use of man-made medications and their undesirable side effects.