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Is anxiety, stress, trying to rob you of the chance to be happy and free.

Tony is now using Zoom, FaceTime and Skype, so that appointments can utilize the comfort of your home and often at a time that is more suitable for all.

Anxiety and stress can play out in a person's life in many different ways. Some of us only experience stress when we are overworked or under unfamiliar pressure. However, many people suffer from exhausting stress and anxiety, where they are unable to control their thoughts, leading to over thinking, always thinking of worst-case scenarios, having irrational thoughts, leading to more fear and worry.

Stress and anxiety cause us to develop self-doubt, low self-esteem, and a loss of confidence, many find themselves in a constant state of fear and heightened awareness of the occurrence of these feelings coming upon us.

When anxiety pushes its way into your life always uninvited, it obscures your recognition of the things that are going well, and the enjoyment of each moment. Anxiety leaves you feeling powerless.

So how will Tony help you to overcome anxiety and stress?

Tony will help you create new habits of thinking, removing those inward  thoughts that are usually self critical, self limiting and self sabotaging, changing the focus  to the bigger picture and changing the thoughts that we feed into the storage bank of the sub conscious mind.

You will start looking outward, not inward.

Many people suffering from anxiety or  depression do not even want to leave the home and they find using Zoom, FaceTime and Skype really convenient.  appointments can utilize the comfort of your home and often at a time that is more suitable for all .

Callum who lives in Cairns has found this to be the case, “Tony and I chat over Facetime and I have found his Hypnotherapy sessions have greatly helped lower my anxiety levels”

Fortunately, anxiety is treatable, and there is no need for medication.

Amongst other things, our program treats anxiety, panic attacks, fear, stress, PTSD, claustrophobia, poor self-image, and more.

Remember what your mind created, your mind can erase.

Hypnotherapy is a proven, effective treatment for stress and anxiety, as well as depression. I help my clients to reframe their thinking and improve their self-esteem, confidence, and their ability to relax and let go of unnecessary worry and fears.